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5 Tips For Maintaining A Better Work Life Balance

by Guest Contributor Veronica Gillas When I first started out in the photography business, I jumped in with both feet and then forgot how to swim. I went from treading water to drowning in a matter of only months. I was priced too low for the custom portraiture market, overbooked and of course, overworked. My […]

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Three Things Taylor Swift Can Teach Us About Photography Marketing

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Taylor Swift and her team are marketing machines. As photographers, we need to do the same.  We need to market well if we want to make any sales at all. I’ve been jotting down notes since the release of Swift’s first single “Shake it Off.” Here are […]

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Tips for Capturing the Perfect Silhouette

by Guest Contributor Hunter McRae Any wedding and portrait photographer can tell you: there are times when the day’s light is running out, but you still need to squeeze one more dramatic shot out of the session. Silhouettes are the perfect solution. Silhouettes are when your subject appears as a dark shape in front of […]

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Tips for Getting Tack Sharp Images

Getting consistently sharp images takes some practice. I know we all have taken that perfect shot, only to get home and upload it and discover that the eyes are not in focus! It is so frustrating! But there are some things you can do to help you start getting tack-sharp images! The first thing (and […]

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P & L = People and Love

by Guest Contributor Amy Fraughton If you’ve been in the business world very long, you may be familiar with the term “P and L”.  It stands for Profit and Loss.  It’s something businesses watch and analyze frequently to make sure they are always growing and not losing. I’ve learned that “P and L” can stand […]

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