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Tips for Capturing the Perfect Silhouette

by Guest Contributor Hunter McRae Any wedding and portrait photographer can tell you: there are times when the day’s light is running out, but you still need to squeeze one more dramatic shot out of the session. Silhouettes are the perfect solution. Silhouettes are when your subject appears as a dark shape in front of […]

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Tips for Getting Tack Sharp Images

Getting consistently sharp images takes some practice. I know we all have taken that perfect shot, only to get home and upload it and discover that the eyes are not in focus! It is so frustrating! But there are some things you can do to help you start getting tack-sharp images! The first thing (and […]

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P & L = People and Love

by Guest Contributor Amy Fraughton If you’ve been in the business world very long, you may be familiar with the term “P and L”.  It stands for Profit and Loss.  It’s something businesses watch and analyze frequently to make sure they are always growing and not losing. I’ve learned that “P and L” can stand […]

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Lifestyle Photography in Any Location

by Guest Contributor Jean Smith Typically, lifestyle photography is described as a style of photography where daily events or happenings are captured. So, that means capturing a family in their home doing the things they love or do on a daily basis is lifestyle photography, right? Right. And wrong. Lifestyle photography doesn’t HAVE to be […]

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2014 Client Types

by Guest Contributor Nichole Van With the crazy fall family photography season upon us, I find myself in full-on client management mode. You know how it goes. You show up to a family session and everything that can go wrong, does. Mom is upset because she made a poor wardrobe choice and feels she looks […]

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