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How to Gain Instagram Followers

by Guest Contributor Ling Wang If you’re a photographer, and you’re not utilizing Instagram to its full potential, you may be missing out on engaging an audience that is ready and happy to pay for your services at a premium. Particularly, if your target market are teens, high school seniors, and couples in their 20’s, […]

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Why You Need To Stop Selling Digital Files

by Guest Contributor Veronica Gillas I realize that there are drastically different opinions about this subject, but after a conversation I had recently with a client, it had to be written.  Over the weekend, I saw a client whose newborn I photographed, and we sat down to proof the images from their son’s session. I […]

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Managing Time for Creatives

by Guest Contributor Shannan Painter You’re in the middle of FINALLY sitting down to work on some bookkeeping when a friendly little chime alerts you that someone commented on a post you wrote on your Facebook business page. You think “I’ll just take a quick peek. It IS marketing after all.” Twenty minutes later, you’ve […]

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Tracking Business Finances: Just do it!

 by guest contributor Shannan Painter We all brush our teeth, eat our vegetables and do the dishes. Why? Not necessarily because we enjoy it, but because there would be serious consequences if we neglected our bodies or our houses. Neglecting the accounting and tax portions of your business could also result in serious consequences, and […]

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4 Unconventional, Outside the Box Marketing Strategies for More Leads

by guest contributor Stephanie Padovani Craigslist photographers. Uncle Bob. If you want the work, you’ve got to stand out. But how do you stand out in a sea of competition? Follow these steps and use these unconventional photography marketing strategies and get inspired to generate more leads without spending loads of cash. Meet your clients […]

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